Movie Theater Etiquette

Have you been to a movie theatre, then all over sudden you hear people besides you making whispers- I mean loud whispers? Do you concentrate? The answer is no. Sometimes you wonder if there should be movie policemen!


Situations like these are sometimes irritating and may even make you get out of a theatre hall- which of course is lack of etiquette as well. Well, these can be avoided, first and foremost, if people observe theatre etiquette. Therefore, the best way to correct this is by having a theatre manager enforce rules of movie theatre etiquette. Here are the rules I would advise every theatre manager to enforce.

Show up on time.


Entering a movie theatre after the movie has started is likely to disrupt other patrons. But in case one is late, they should refrain from getting in loud. There should also be an arrangement whereby if a person comes to the theatre late, they should take up the back seat- the first available seat, to avoid blocking those already present in the theatre.


Don’t carry the baby to the theatre.


There is nothing as frustrating as being at a movie theatre with a screaming baby. Even young kids get frustrated by this. So, if you have a small baby, it is the perfects opportunity to look for a babysitter.


Do not eat with your mouth open.


To be heard munching Goobers means that you are eating them while your mouth is open. Ensure that you always close your mouth while eating.


Keep your feet down. This is most common among teens. Well, most teens enjoy sitting up there in front- they do not want anyone else to be in front of them. While this may be true, someone will sit there. The least they would want is to smell your stinky Crocs.


Ensure you leave a space of one seat between you and other patrons when possible.


This is sometimes referred to as the courtesy seat. This rule is often overlooked but very important. Leaving space is helpful because having people come and crowd your space could be irritating.


Switch off the cell phone.

Having a conversation in a theatre hall while people are watching a movie can be very irritating. The best way to avoid this is by switching off your phone.


Avoid talking to the screen


At times you may find characters doing things rather awkward. As much as you want to warn them not to do certain things or not go to certain areas, they will probably not hear you and go on with whatever they are doing. The problem is that you are going to make everybody uncomfortable.


If you are tall or like wearing huge hats, just sit next to the wall. Being tall is cool everywhere. The only exception is the movie theatre. If you are tall, you simply need to be mindful of others and sit where there will be no one behind you. The folks that like wearing ultra large hats…you know yourselves…consider others.


Clean your space


Before you leave the theatre, ensure you clean up your mess. Pick up everything that you may have dropped while in theatre.


These are the basic rules that when followed, your experience in a movie theatre will just be fantastic.